Engage Next-Gens (AgroBio)

Engage Next-Gens with AgroBio

Christine was invited by the biotech industry association AgroBio in Colombia, along with CIAT, Acosemillas, and the US Embassy to be the keynote speaker at leading universities in Bogota, Medellin, Manizales, Cali, and Yopal. At each university, she shared next gen agri food innovation trends and inspired the students about the potential of entrepreneurship. Christine  carried out on-the-ground visits and interviews with farmers, scientists, students, researchers, and organized a stakeholder dinner with global investors, corporate executives, NGOs and startups focused on unleashing the potential of Colombia’s agrifood ecosystem to become a hub for cutting-edge innovation in the region.

Read Christine’s Coverage In El Espectador, Colombia’s Leading Newspaper:

Discover Christine Gould’s featured coverage in El Espectador, Colombia’s premier newspaper. In this insightful piece, Christine shares expertise on sustainable food, agriculture, and innovation for a healthier future. Explore her perspectives and contributions to the conversation shaping a sustainable landscape in Colombia and beyond.

Read the article here.

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