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Christine and team partnered with DHL to lead a 12-week global initiative focused on identifying and implementing innovative solutions for reducing food loss across the supply chain. We executed the global innovation challenge from start to finish: conceptualizing the program; developing core marketing materials; organizing and leading webinars with executives; curating and screening 120 high-quality solutions from 46 countries; and shortlisting 10 startups demonstrating remarkable innovation and commercial readiness. This effort culminated in three startups partnering with DHL to carry our pilot projects.

Read the press release here.

DHL Era Of Sustainable Logistics Summit In Valencia 2023

Explore the future of sustainable logistics with Christine Gould at the DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics Summit 2023 in Valencia. In this video snippet, Christine discusses innovative solutions for a healthier and more sustainable food and agriculture industry. Join her as she highlights key insights and advancements shaping a greener future.

Live Session With DHL's Innovation Leader

Dive into a live session with DHL’s Innovation Leader, featuring Christine Gould. Gain exclusive insights into cutting-edge innovations transforming the landscape of sustainable food and agriculture. Join the conversation and discover the latest trends and strategies shaping a healthier and more sustainable future.

Live Session With Industry Leaders Building Resilient Food Supply Chains

Join Christine Gould in a live session with industry leaders focused on building resilient food supply chains. Explore innovative strategies and collaborations that are shaping the future of sustainable agriculture. Gain valuable insights into creating robust and sustainable systems for a more resilient and secure food supply chain.

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