The Change-Maker’s Guide To Feeding The Planet


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Navigate the future of food with award-winning change-maker, agrifood innovation expert, and entrepreneur Christine R Gould. 

Drawing from her two decades of professional experience and personal anecdotes from working with creative startup founders, business executives, and pioneering change-makers worldwide, Christine’s book presents a practical roadmap for transformative food system change. It equips innovators of all ages and backgrounds with the skills to master six ‘next-gen’ innovation attitudes and approaches: openness, collaboration, beginner’s mind, entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, and community. The concept of ‘Multispectral thinking’ is introduced to develop comprehensive solutions to the world’s most urgent agriculture, food, and climate challenges.

Inside, you’ll discover actionable tools, inspiring lessons, and real-world case studies that empower you to: 

  • Unlock new levels of creativity, with fascinating examples from agriculture, food, science, technology, and music.
  • Take risks, embrace failure, and overcome setbacks, even when you are resource-strapped and lack a buffer.
  • Forge valuable partnerships across various industries, geographies, and disciplines.
  • Understand the value of playing at work, keeping a beginner’s mind, and making collaboration your competitive advantage.
  • Build bold visions and positive narratives that inspire collective action and bring new ideas to life.

From Corporate to Community:
Exploring Christine’s Change-Making Journey

This book shares the origin story of Thought For Food®, the world’s largest community of next-generation innovators, and Christine’s journey from a corporate innovator to a global movement builder. Her story, filled with valuable lessons from the frontline of change-making, promises personal growth and development for you.

At the heart of this guide is Christine’s genuine belief in the opportunity we all have to drive large-scale change – where tradition and technology, creativity and science, challenge and opportunity converge to unlock more equitable, nourishing, and abundant food systems everywhere.

Emboldened by Christine’s book, you’ll step into a powerful global movement that envisions a brighter, more inclusive future – a future YOU have the power to help create.

Christine is available to speak and run workshops at: 

  • Universities 
  • Accelerators & Incubators 
  • Corporate Events 
  • Innovation Events 

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Christine Bio

Christine R Gould is the Founder of Thought For Food®, the world’s leading next-gen innovation community that spans 180+ countries; has incubated and accelerated 100+ science-and-technology-based startups which have gone on to raise over $300mm in venture capital; and has worked extensively on groundbreaking innovation programs with organizations that include Danone, DSM, Cargill, Google, DHL, Leaps by Bayer, Hello Nature, the United Nations, The Rockefeller Foundation – among many others. In her previous roles, Christine led external affairs, public policy, and corporate affairs functions for leading multinationals, unicorn-level startups, think tanks, and industry associations. One of the highlights of her career was her work to design and establish the world’s first open-licensing platform for patented vegetable traits while working at Syngenta in Switzerland, which eventually led to a shift in the sharing and use of beneficial intellectual property assets across the entire plant breeding industry. 

Christine was appointed to the Advisory Committee for the United Nations Food Systems Summit, and was selected for the prestigious Acumen/Rockefeller Food Systems Fellowship. She is an IMAGINE Leader, Swiss Digital Shaper, and Demeter Award recipient for Excellence in Agribusiness. 

Christine has produced and directed 2 docu-films about next-gen solutions, and has spearheaded global events on five continents that have earned awards for innovation, sustainability, and impact from the UNEP and Fast Company. She holds an MPA in Science & Technology Policy from Columbia University in New York, where she received a merit-based fellowship and a BA from the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington, DC, where she studied Security & Defense Economics.

Grab your copy of The Change-Maker’s Guide to Feeding the Planet here!

Grab Your Flyer for the Guide to Transforming Food Systems!

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