Creative Communications (Indigo Ag) 

Creative Communications with Indigo Ag

Christine was invited by Indigo Ag to moderate a panel discussion with farmers and investors at the historical Chicago Board of Trade. At the event the first verified carbon credits at scale were issued to 175 growers across the USA via Carbon Reserve.

Christine also wrote, hosted, and produced a 3-part video educational series about the challenges and opportunities of carbon farming.

Episode 1: What was the Indigo Issuance All About?

Indigo Ag celebrated the issuance of the first ~20,000 verified carbon credits produced by 175 large-scale growers across the USA –thereby ushering in a new era of food system transformation and unleashing new opportunities for agriculture in the multi-billion dollar voluntary carbon market.

Episode 2: Why are high-quality ag carbon credits so important?

Leveraging advanced modeling powered by remote sensing, Indigo Ag is able to calculate a grower’s impact on GHG emissions, and turn that into a credit that gets sold on the voluntary carbon market. Indigo Ag not only deployed a model able to sequester carbon but they back it with science and third-party verification to make it scalable worldwide.

Episode 3: How are farmers and the planet benefiting?

The carbon credit market continues to evolve thanks to science, investment and innovation. Nowadays, it represents an opportunity for the growers to gain an additional revenue stream by adopting the carbon farming practices. It rewards farmers for their climate action, making sustainability something they can become profitable around.

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